MedSTAR Swiss Mobile Healthcare Alliance

Ground Transportation Organization

MedSTAR Swiss Mobile Healthcare Alliance

Hotline: +41 800 112 911
CP 144 – 70 av. de Châtelaine
1211 Geneva 13 – Switzerland

The one-stop solution for Ground Transportation

With a rich experience and based in the beautiful city of Geneva, MedSTAR is the expert for Ground Medical Transports in Europe.

With a large network of specialized providers MedSTAR covers all high-demand regions within Europe and is the go-to provider for all Ground Ambulance Transports.

MedSTAR’s experienced team is available 24/7 for all requests.

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Experts for Ground Medical Transports

MedSTAR provides services for all Ground Transportation
Needs, such as Ambulances, Taxis and MVPs

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Ground Ambulances

MedSTAR’s Ground Ambulance Network consists of a large fleet of ALS, BLS and Intensive Care Ambulances all over Europe. From simple to complex cases.

MedSTAR - Ground Ambulances
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Multi Person Vans (MVP)

MedSTAR is equipped for all Ground Transports, including Multi Person Transports. MedSTAR assures that families can travel together and that our patients experience a comfortable and high quality service.

MedSTAR - Multi Person Vans
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MedSTAR’s diverse fleet of Taxis and Limousines allows for our clients to always have the most suitable transport available. Comfortable, safe and ready to pick your patients up at any time, any place.

MedSTAR - Taxis
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European Ground Medical Transport Network

MedSTAR is the only provider of European Medical Transport Solutions. With an unmatched network and range of providers, MedSTAR covers a variety of countries and regions. Learn more about MedSTAR’s coverage areas below.

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MedSTAR Swiss Mobile Healthcare Alliance

“With MedSTAR 2.0 we have taken the next step in providing the first European Medical Transport Network whilst assuring the same well known quality”

Thierry Lyard, CEO

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Welcome to MedSTAR 2.0.


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