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Our MedSTAR Services

MedSTAR is the first European Medical Transport Network Provider, arranging Ground Transport Services for national and International Assistance and Air Ambulance Clients. By having access to our very own vetted provider network, MedSTAR is able to provide fast, reliable and safe transportation for clients and passengers within Europe.

MedSTAR works exclusively with its own dedicated transport providers and is thus able to access a variety of vehicles for all transport needs, such as Ground Ambulance, Taxi and Limousines and Multi Person Vans (MPVs).

Ground Ambulances

MedSTAR is specialized in Medical Transports. We organize and work with ALS, BLS and Intensive Care Ambulances.

Multi Person Vans (MVP)

MedSTAR entertains a large network of Multi Person Vans (MVPs) which allows for us to have families and larger Groups travel together.


MedSTAR has access to a large fleet of taxis and limousines for passengers and patients in our European Network Regions.

MedSTAR Services

Find below our Service Portfolio for your Medical Transport needs in Europe.

Ground Ambulances

Whenever a Medical Transport is necessary, MedSTAR is here to support you. With a diverse fleet of Medical Vehicles, MedSTAR always finds the best solution for your patients.

MedSTAR - Ground Ambulances
  • BLS Ambulances
  • ALS Ambulances
  • Intensive Care Ambulances
  • Stretcher Cars

Multi Person Vans

MedSTAR entertains a large network of Multi Person Vans (MVPs) which allows for patients to travel comfortably with leg rest options.

MedSTAR - Multi Person Vans
  • Multi Person Vans
  • Leg Rest Transports
  • Family Transports
  • Extra Luggage Transports


MedSTAR works with a large fleet of taxi and limousine providers – suited for every patient’s need and at their disposal 24/7.

MedSTAR - Taxis
  • Standard Taxis
  • Van Taxis
  • Limousines
  • VIP Limousines

Wheelchair Transports

MedSTAR offers specialiized transport solutions for wheelchair clients and can support you with the organization of such vehicles within our Network regsions.

MedSTAR - Wheelchair Transports
  • Wheelchair Transports
  • Special Assistance
  • Luggage Support
  • Family Transports

Additional Services
in Switzerland

In case you need additional support in our network regions, reach out to MedSTAR for help.
Due to our well-developed network MedSTAR can help you with various concierge services within Switzerland.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further details.

MedSTAR - Additional Services in Switzerland

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